Control Panic Attacks: Tips and How to Treat it Naturally

Control Panic Attacks

How do you control panic attacks? The answer is not so readily apparent. A panic attack is a sudden onset of anxiety and fear that is absolutely overwhelming. Your heart begins to pound in your chest and you feel as if your breathing may stop at any second. Dizziness may follow and you feel nauseated. […]

Overcoming Social Anxiety: Tips and Step by Step Medication

Overcoming Social Anxiety

Social anxiety or phobia is a severe level of fear at when it comes to specific social situations that have unfamiliar or many people. Or, that you feel insecure about. Just thinking about these social situations can make someone become frightened and anxious if they are dealing with social anxiety. They will then go out of […]

Causes of Anxiety Attacks

Causes of Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks are similar to panic attacks, but are of lesser intensity but greater duration, and caused mainly by worry and extended periods of thinking anxious thoughts. Some psychiatrists will not differentiate anxiety attacks and panic attacks because they treat them the same with medication. To them there is no distinction. However, a panic attack […]

Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia

Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia

Panic disorder with agoraphobia is a common anxiety issue. If you have panic disorder with agoraphobia, you will find yourself becoming very anxious in public spaces, fearing the chance of having a panic or anxiety attack. Eventually, this will progress to the point of avoiding public spaces, particularly if you had an anxiety or panic attack in that […]

Anxiety Night Sweats and How to Deal with it

Anxiety Night Sweats

Anxiety night sweats occur as a result of high levels of intensity being maintained in your life. Both men and women are prone to experience this unpleasant effect, although it occurs more frequently for women. Night sweats are experienced as an intense sweating in the middle of the night for no obvious reason. Your room […]

Anxiety Hot Flashes: Symptoms and how to Treat it Naturally

anxiety hot flashes

Anxiety hot flashes are anxiety-driven waves of heat sensation and blood flow. This health problem has several additional small side effects such as sweaty hands and palms. These hot flashes are very similar in nature to a similar problem for women who are in the midst of menopausal episodes experience. Anxiety hot flashes are a […]

General Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

general anxiety disorder symptoms

Individuals who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder worry frequently and ultimately unnecessarily. Though this may seem like nothing to others, sufferers of GAD. View this as paramount in their lives. If you dealing with this problem may have well-meaning friends that suggest you “just relax” or “just let it go”. This can be insulting for […]